Incuna welcomes and attracts international talent. Our Management Team is one of the most respected groups in digital health, and has a proven-track record for creating, building and managing market-leading businesses.

We are an intrinsically positive company. The team translates challenges into opportunities, responds to clients' needs, and delivers value towards financial assets in an increasingly competitive environment. The digital and healthcare teams work seamlessly in collaborative effort, to ensure products meet regulatory demands, are resilient and user-friendly.

  • Peter Ward

    Managing Director

    I'm the Managing Director here at Incuna. I set up the agency after identifying a huge gap in the market for digital health platforms. Demand for our services and products has continued to grow and I'm fortunate to be surrounded by some of the brightest and best developers and user experts in the industry.

  • Rupert Potter

    Commercial Director

    I'm the Commercial Director at Incuna. I've worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, including with UK-based, European, and global pharmaceutical companies. Incuna is one of the fastest growing and dynamic digital agencies in the world. The opportunities are endless. We are building our client base all the time but also retaining clients because of the high quality and user-friendly products we deliver. When not working, I can be found cooking in the kitchen or cleaning up after my two young children.

  • Max Peterson

    Technical Director

    I'm the Technical Director and am responsible for all aspects of
 the technical development of Incuna’s products and digital solutions. For over 18 years I've developed commercial software, starting in the electronic design automation industry. I solve and deliver complex software challenges.

  • Brendan Ragett

    Finance Director

    Since 2009, I've been the Finance Director at Incuna. I'm a fully qualified chartered management accountant with expertise covering not just financial control, but also contract negotiation, M&A transactions, integration of process, systems improvement, human resources, and commercial legal issues. My career predominately focused on helping companies grow within the IT sector, at Directorship level, for a range of rapidly growing UK or US based Technology SME’s or “start ups”, including software development companies, hardware and software product resellers, managed service providers (including Software as a Service, “SaaS”), and consultancies.

  • Matthew Newman

    Creative Director

    Over the last three decades I have provided creative solutions to the automobile, finance, mobile and now healthcare industries. Working in the USA during the dot com boom I found the web to be the perfect opportunity to combine a lifelong passion for design with a background in computer science. I joined Incuna as Creative Director to establish a user-centred design team of the highest calibre to compliment the rapidly growing in-house development team. I'm responsible for shaping Incuna's entire design output, from web and mobile apps to traditional campaigns.

  • Cyan Collier

    Digital Innovations Director

    I'm the Innovation Director at Incuna. For over 20 years, I've worked in digital healthcare across multiple disciplines. I work across all departments, providing guidance and advice to the teams, and working with our clients to help them unlock the potential of the technology and data they have. I spend my spare time cycling over the worlds largest mountain ranges, mentoring entrepreneurs, and running health hardware prototyping workshops.

  • Sri Subramaniam

    Medical Director

    I did physiology and pharmacology Manchester University and completed my clinical medicine at Oxford University. I trained as a general practitioner in Cambridge and become a clinical supervisor at Cambridge University Medical School for many years. I work for Incuna and Interactivepharma solutions as Medical Director offering insights,content and trends in medicine as well as having access to leading experts in numerous clinical fields.

  • Annika Voss

    Project Director

    I am proud to have been Incuna's first non-tech employee. Following a BSc in Psychology, I have always had client-facing roles, including 2 years at IMS Health before joining the commercial pharma team at and then Incuna in 2009. I have managed a great variety of clients and delivered some genuinely fascinating projects during my time here. More recently, I spent 14 months on a secondment in Amsterdam, where I was based in a client's office. Outside of work I try to travel as much as possible; I also play volleyball, ski and cycle commute (and run when I'm in the right mood).

  • Pete Aylward

    Project Director

    I have been with Incuna since 2012, joining as a developer before moving to the project management team a couple of years later. I've overseen the delivery of numerous projects to many of Incuna's clients. Prior to working for Incuna, I spent over a decade working for international publishing companies as a designer, developer, product manager, and marketing manager.

  • Dan Blomfield

    Client Services Director

    I have the pleasure of managing our awesome Client Services Team. With nearly a decade of global agency experience behind me I bring a life long passion for health technology to the business. I have experience delivering creative and digital campaigns in both branded and medical communications, on both a global and domestic level. I ensure our reputation for best in class client service is nurtured and instilled in every facet of the business, including for some of our largest partnerships (in between snowboarding trips of course!)

  • Paula Norris

    Lead Developer

    With over 10 years commercial experience working with the web, these days I oversee the styling team at Incuna. I enjoy getting involved with projects at every step of the process - from scoping to delivery - and helping my team create fantastic products that delight the user. Outside of work, I am usually found playing video games, drawing cute doodles, and having a nice cup of tea.

  • Michael Edwards

    Global Programme Manager

    I joined Incuna in 2016 and am responsible for working with our clients to ensure the successful deliver of large-scale programmes.  Previously, I spent the first 12 years of my career delivering innovative technology initiatives across a range of industries including public and private healthcare, education, financial services and transportation, mainly within the Venture Capital environment.  Outside of work I spend most of my time in the gym training to compete in power lifting!

  • Carla Ponte Júlio

    Senior Designer

    I joined Incuna in early 2011 as a Senior Designer, responsible for the User Interface of many of our projects across Pharma and Global Health. My background is in Graphic Art & Technology and I've previously worked for advertising agencies and as a Lecturer for several years. I love to see live music gigs, traveling... and chocolate! 

  • Adam Thomas


    I'm a backend developer, writing the invisible code that underpins the functionality of our websites. I have a strong interest in developing both the experience of working on our sites (for the team) and the experience of interacting with them (for our users). Working at Incuna has shaped and strengthened my approach to programming, and I'm keen to give back what I've learned along the way. I love game design, music, and climbing, and have a surprising amount of experience in salsa dancing for a software developer.

  • Mary Watson

    Global Health Project Manager

    I manage Global Health Project delivery for Incuna. Over the last 20 years I've worked within public and private sector roles focussed on the customer relationship, project delivery and process improvement. If there is a more efficient way of doing something I will find it. In my free time I keep myself busy by being creative, working with fabrics, carpentry and where time allows in the garden with my children. I'd say one of my greatest values in life is friendship, I owe this to having been raised in a wonderful vast and friendly community in Pembrokeshire.

  • Maria Lambert

    Senior Designer

    I’m the Scandi senior designer with more than 10 years experience working with both print and web. I joined Incuna in 2014 and have loved it ever since. Originally from Copenhagen where I ran my own company with Just Eat and Amnesty International as main clients. I have a soft spot for UX, infographics, colours, typography and modern calligraphy, LEGO (of course), jazz music and dark chocolate. 

  • Todd Dembrey


    Although I trained as a Civil Engineer I have worked as a backend developer in Incuna since late 2016. I was entirely self taught and worked previously as a freelance developer but felt I could make more of an impact working for Incuna. I've been exposed to some fascinating projects and appreciated the chance to contribute to some open source projects whilst working here.  I'm also a keen cyclist (you kind of have to be, with a 15 mile commute each way) and mountaineer.

  • Alex Palmer

    Project Executive

    I'm a Project Executive and joined Incuna in 2014. Before joining, I worked in print and design for 10 years within a government department and the financial sector. I’ve been involved with a variety of projects and enjoy seeing the end result.  I like to travel and read science fiction in my spare time. 

  • Beth Menzies


    I've been a frontend developer at Incuna since 2014. I have a strong focus on making shiny animations and transitions to create a better user experience for our sites. Outside of Incuna I'm all about games, board and video, and all kinds of crafts, from stone carving to knitting to origami.

  • Jessica Ward

    HR Manager

    My background is in Secondary School Teaching followed by 8 years in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing, I'm now merging those experiences to support the unique culture of Incuna; helping to reinforce the management functions, whilst preserving the creativity that underpins the business culture.  In my spare time I'm currently training for the London Marathon and other long distance swims and runs.

  • Ming Lee


    I'm a full stack developer. I joined in 2015, as a junior frontend developer. I like writing backend code as it shapes the core functionality. When I write the frontend code and hook it up to the backend I enjoy seeing the communication between the two ends and seeing the end result.  

  • Henry Blyth


    I'm a Developer at Incuna. I was trained on an apprenticeship in the Deployment team at Oxfordshire County Council, learning PHP, JavaScript, and HTML+CSS before joining Incuna in August 2012. I'm constantly learning new things, but now specialise in the very latest JavaScript for the browser and Node.js, especially around automated testing to ensure quality code. Photography and music (piano improvisation) keep me busy in my spare time.

  • Karen Haidinger

    Senior Designer

    With degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design, I have over 15 years' experience in digital  design, having begun my agency career in the USA during the dot-com boom. I joined Incuna in 2013 as an interaction designer and am responsible for creating compelling design concepts for web and mobile apps.

  • Dafydd Green

    Business Development AsiaPacific

    I graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Chinese Studies, and have spent time working in both China and Korea, before moving to Singapore as a business development director for the Asia Pacific region. I have a passion for working with various stakeholders in this region, and for supporting healthcare initiatives in both developing and developed markets in Asia.

  • Asa Moore

    IT Manager

    I am Incuna's IT Manager, I manage all aspects of the companies IT infrastructure both internally and for our clients, I joined Incuna in 2015 for new challenges and enjoy the opportunity to be involved in something great from early on.  My work has varied from education and Next Gen Telecoms to working with cutting edge Augmented Reality technology for Indy Car and NASA.  In my free time I enjoy photography, carpentry and metal work from salvage.

  • Nynke Boef

    Project Manager

    I'm a Project Manager at Incuna. I joined the company in 2015, after being trained as a software tester and requirements' engineer. Before getting into IT, I graduated in philosophy and worked as a university researcher for several years. In my spare time I still like to read philosophy, bake, and play the guitar.

  • Ryan Evans

    IT Technician

    I'm Incuna's IT technician. I joined in February 2016, after having previously worked primarily in Education as an IT administrator, and a tutor for young people with special needs. I enjoy board games, philosophy, drawing and playing the guitar. I am also a ninja, but I have a bad knee at the moment, so just sticking to IT.

  • Peggy Liu

    Account Executive

    I joined Incuna as an account executive in May 2016 and am responsible for client service and day-to-day communications. My background is marketing and communication. Prior to Incuna, I worked at the largest hotel group in Taiwan as a marketing and communication assistant manager. Inspired by Incuna, I am now learning coding.

  • Brynley Langman

    Junior Designer/Developer

    I am a placement Designer and Developer. My time at Incuna has provided me with valuable experience, enabling me to bridge the gap between the two. In my spare time I like to swim, surf and generally keep active. One interesting fact about myself is that I was once third fastest in Cornwall in 200m backstroke.

  • Tom Brice

    Trainee Developer

    I am currently a placement Developer, doing frontend but looking towards becoming full stack in the future. I have worked at Incuna since graduating in English Literature, in which time I have gone from writing fiction to writing code. In my spare time I try to keep myself in shape, and write very average music.

  • James Frewin


    I've been part of the amazing design team at Incuna since June 2015, I love creating really innovative, engaging and fun designs and I'd say I specialise in Mobile App and Presentation/Pitch design. I'm super interested in design, startups, tech and business and so most of my time outside of work is spent researching or networking with people in these areas. I have a healthcare background having worked for Oxford University Hospital, however I've also designed for companies like Yik Yak and Snapchat.

  • Gabrielle Bucaya

    Project Executive

    I'm a Digital Project Executive at Incuna. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and moved to the United Kingdom, after having studied English Literature and Professional Writing. My professional career involves a background in marketing and project management relating to Artificial Intelligence, Broadcasting, iGaming and HR. When I am outside the office, I enjoy the wonders of gastronomy, the arts and hiking.

  • Fatima Martindill

    Account Manager

    Joining Incuna as an Account Manager in 2017, I am delighted to be working with a such a creative and innovative team. With a background in Biomedical Science, my experience spans cardiovascular postgraduate research, University lecturing and predominantly pharmaceutical sales and marketing (>10 yrs).  My Multi-Channel speciality, in pharma E-Detailing, has led me to work with many of the top pharma companies and a bespoke digital healthcare company. I have also enjoyed being a Business Development Manager connecting global pharmaceutical companies to partner with successful client service agencies. Besides work, I try and keep up/ahead of my young daughter and her 3 feline pets, love to experiment in the kitchen (wouldn't class it as cooking exactly) and as a trained hypnotherapist, I enjoy helping people improve their well-being...although sometimes it's for the entertainment value!

  • James Jelfs

    Financial Controller

    I am the Financial Controller at Incuna Ltd, I’ve previously worked in similar roles in the construction industry and property sector. My main focus is on the financial side of the company, however having studied business management at university I enjoy having a broader view of the way the company runs rather than solely focusing on the figures. At Incuna I’m offered the chance to learn from some of the best people in the industry. In my free time I’m a runner, and competitive obstacle course racer (recently competing at the World Championships).

  • Sanae Burgess


    I’ve been working as an administrator at Incuna since April 2015. Incuna is rapidly expanding and has energetic atmosphere. I enjoy supporting my colleagues with diverse backgrounds. Before Incuna I have worked in an IT company as a translator and researcher and finance companies in Japan. As I studied music in my uni, I like listening to music and singing in a choir. Inspired by my colleagues, I’ve started running and am actually enjoying it.

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