2 years, 11 months ago

Incuna in Strategic Partnership with the European Cancer Network

The European Cancer Network has Clinical Research Centres in 39 Countries with over 10,000 HCPs; over 1,000 institutions & their feeder institutions; over 100 national study groups and interdisciplinary partners.

Through this new innovative strategic partnership, Incuna will be able to: 

  • Help the Pharmaceutical Industry develop their online communications strategies and arrange for KOLs from the European Cancer Network to become involved in their tactical implementation, to help ensure a faster uptake of new therapies by the everyday physicians.
  • Provide the Pharmaceutical Industry and/or their CRO with a dedicated online cancer patient recruitment service to manage the competitive patient recruitment part of the clinical trial process, and to remove the biggest silent driver of clinical development costs today and the main reason for study delays, delays that can cost the Pharmaceutical Industry hundreds of millions in lost sales.

The major outcome from this strategic partnership will be:

  • Increasing numbers of patients in Europe will participate and benefit from clinical research.
  • More European patients will be offered opportunity to access new medicines.
  • More European patients will ultimately have faster access to new innovative medicines.

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